Detox is the necessary first step when it comes to undergoing addiction treatment.

At the start of recovery, there are several aspects of treatment that must be assessed. Clients will go through an evaluation, be stabilized, and gain support while preparing for addiction treatment. Detoxification is important at the start of recovery because it eliminates foreign substances from the body and allows it to be able to clearly communicate with the brain. Our clinical staff uses this time to create therapeutic alliances with the client while he or she is being stabilized.

While creating an appropriate addiction treatment plan, there are many various aspects of recovery to consider:

  • Client’s History of Physical Health
  • Current Physical and Mental Conditions
  • Patterns of Substance Abuse
  • Toxicology Screenings for Common Substances of Abuse
  • Prior Treatment Attempts
  • Sensory, Cognitive, or Physical Disabilities
  • Possibility of Relapse

Our helpful case managers will walk each client through an evaluation upon enrollment in order to be able to determine the required level of support during his or her stay at Sobertechniques. We are focused on our relationships between staff and clients. We strive to offer empathetic support that is never judgmental. The well-being and comfort of our clients is our priority during this understandably difficult time in their lives.



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