Following the completion of a successful detox, the client will be ready to enter into residential inpatient treatment.

Our luxury housing accommodations are the perfect space to reside in a structured and safe environment throughout the remainder of his or her recovery program.

Our client will participate in a comprehensive alcohol or drug treatment program that offers much needed support. All of our addiction treatment programs at Sober Techniques are dedicated to treating the mind and the body.

Clients will benefit greatly from being in a therapeutic community that fosters mutual support and emotional encouragement. Having a shared experience with like-minded people makes a dramatic difference when it comes to clients completing a drug or alcohol treatment program.

Treatment Program

This type of treatment program consists of informative sessions, individual and group counseling, 12 step meetings, meetings with case managers, exercise, and fun weekend excursions. Monday through Friday, clients attend meetings to deal with the feelings, conflicts, changes, problems, and issues that come up throughout their recovery process. They also review their chemical dependency history, the impact that substance abuse has had on their lives, as well as how it has affected their friends and family.

Group meetings are a large part of addiction treatment and recovery. The client will meet with his or her case manager on a bi-weekly basis to discuss the treatment program along with any concerns about recovery. This program is a 24/7 addiction recovery program that offers unparalleled clinical care and luxury living in a gorgeous housing facility that is beach adjacent.

The residential inpatient treatment options at Sober Techniques offer a multidisciplinary approach to recovery through a structured and comfortable environment. Clients are also provided with aftercare and plans for post-treatment. This intensive level of care offers comfortable housing amenities and delicious meals cooked by private chefs during the course of treatment. Support is always available 24/7.



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