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Sober Techniques offers a safe and welcoming environment to all of our clients. Each addiction treatment program is tailored specifically to each client’s needs as they relate to addiction recovery. We will be there not only for you but also for your family members.


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The idea of enrolling in a drug rehab center for help can be scary, but taking the first step to ask for help will open you up to healing and a wide range of new possibilities for your future. All of our clients live in drug and alcohol free luxury homes during treatment.

Our Mission: To provide our clients with the support they need to achieve and sustain sobriety by treating, educating, and understanding that the disease of addiction affects not only the user but their friends and loved ones as well.

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The staff at Sober Techniques is made up of certified, licensed clinicians and recovery workers, who have extensive years of experience in the industry. When you call, you’ll speak to one of our helpful intake coordinators who will help place you into the correct addiction treatment program for your needs.

Our case managers will take you through assessments during enrollment to ensure that your customized program is right for you. We offer a free anonymous test for alcoholism and substance abuse. We also offer a free consultation with a certified clinician. In addition we also offer free live chats.




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